Meat Chicken Comparison

Part of a multi-farm trial on 2 farms asking Research Question: Does the Nova Free Ranger, a meat chicken derived from European heritage breeds, differ from the industrial White Rock with respect to production costs and meat quality?

Pasture-Raised Chicken Breed Comparison

Summary ● The Nova Free Ranger, a new meat chicken from Nova Scotia bred for free range living, may better integrate into ecological farms and produce nutritionally-superior meat compared to the industrial White Rock – Cornish Cross. ● Given the fast growth...

Probiotics for Pasture-Raised Chicken

This document outlines the steps that Justin will follow to execute his research trial, Probiotics for pasture-raised chicken, including design, execution, data collection and data sharing. It also serves as a Memorandum of Understanding between Justin and the...

Amendments for Pasture Regeneration

Productive pastures are paramount to organic grass-fed, grass-finished beef operations, especially when soil health and regeneration are also important farm goals. To try to further regenerate specific areas of his rotationally-grazed pastures, Tony tested whether...


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