EFAO Event Types

EFAO’s events are a vital part of supporting a knowledge-sharing community. Various types of events offer different ways of learning, engaging, and connecting with farmers who share similar goals.



Description: Offered in a more traditional workshop format, participants can expect to learn in-depth about a specific topic with some time for questions with expert speakers and farmers from Ontario and beyond. Webinars are offered virtually and workshops are offered in person.

Length: 90 minutes – 6 hours (webinars last 2 hrs max,  but may be offered in two to three parts) 

Pricing: $35 – $95 Standard, $25 – $75 EFAO Members


Description: Participants view a recorded tour of a farm, with a specific topic focus. Then the host farmer(s) will join participants for an hour-long discussion and opportunity for questions. Some Virtual Field Days may be offered live, or in a combination of pre-recorded content and live tours or demonstrations. 

Length: Pre-recorded videos 20 – 45 minutes, live discussion 60 – 90 minutes

Pricing: $20 Standard, $15 EFAO Members


Description: Participants meet at a farm for a tour that provides  a high-level overview and a focus on a specific topic or part of the farm. There will be lots of time for questions and discussion.  Field days may be offered individually or group of tours on one day.

Length: 60 minutes – 2 hours for individual field days

Pricing: $20 – $45 Standard, $15 – $40 EFAO Members (range depends on individual or multiple offered)


Description: An opportunity for EFAO members to gather in-person or online for community connection or discussion focused on specific topics. 

Length: 60 minutes – 2 hours

Pricing: Free & typically members-only

While virtual events are best experienced through an internet connection, webinars and online meet-ups do have a phone-in option. Please be in touch for more information.


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