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The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO) supports farmers to build resilient ecological farms and grow a strong knowledge-sharing community.

Established in 1979 by farmers for farmers, EFAO is a membership organization that focuses on farmer-led education, research and community building. EFAO brings farmers together so they can learn from each other and improve the health of their soils, crops, livestock and the environment, while running profitable farm businesses.


Through farmer-to-farmer training and networking opportunities, EFAO supports farmers to build resilient ecological farms while helping to create a community among members.


EFAO - Education - Year-round training

Year-round training

Field days, workshops, kitchen table meetings and webinars on a broad range of topics for farmers of all scales, types and experience levels. Learn More >


EFAO -  Farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing

Farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing

A quarterly print newsletter, Member Directory, the Advisory Service and the online Community Forum. Learn More >


EFAO - EFAO Conference

EFAO Conference

An annual event that draws farmers and supporters across the food system for four days of intensive learning, idea-sharing, networking and celebration. Learn More >



By supporting farmer-led research, EFAO empowers farmers to generate and share practical knowledge and innovations that advance our understanding of ecological, organic and regenerative farming.


Farmer-Led Research

Farmer-led research helps farmers combine curiosity with rigour to answer their most challenging on-farm questions. EFAO provides technical, financial and logistical support. Learn More >




Soil Health

EFAO's Soil Health Benchmark Study enables farmers to comprehensively assess the health of their soil while providing info to discuss strategies for soil health management. Learn More >


EFAO - Bauta

Seed Security

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security is a national program advancing resilient seed systems across Canada. EFAO is proud to host The BFICSS in Ontario. Learn More >



We envision an Ontario where thriving ecological farms are the foundation of our food system, and where agriculture protects our resources, increases biodiversity, mitigates climate change, and cultivates resilient, diverse, equitable communities.

What is Ecological Agriculture?

Regenerative, organic and other holistic practices that improve soil health, protect vital resources such as water and biodiversity, reduce synthetic inputs and prioritize renewable energy sources.

Socially engaged practices that ensure that farming communities are diverse, vibrant, and resilient, while making healthy agricultural products accessible.

Forward-looking practices that are knowledge-intensive and regionally specific, and embrace the potential benefits that innovation and technology provide.


EFAO is a membership organization with approximately 720 members – mostly farmers – across Ontario.

We welcome farmers of all scales, production types and levels of experience. We welcome new and aspiring farmers, as well as students.

We also strongly encourage non-farmers – whether you’re a business, organization or engaged citizens and want to help grow ecological agriculture across Ontario – to become members or supporters of the organization. Working together we can make a difference!



Our region faces serious food and farming challenges, including insufficient access to nutrient-dense food, degraded soil health, and an ongoing loss of farmers and farmland.

We need to advance innovative farming practices, train a new generation of farmers and effectively communicate these achievements to neighbours, consumers and policymakers.


To help address these challenges, in 2019-2020 EFAO:


farmers to conduct

research trials


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 farm businesses through

educational events

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2018 Annual Report

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