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Please contact Martina, martina@efao.ca, to submit an opportunity.

Farm Work Opportunities


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Farmland Opportunities


Land & Home for Rent in Mono

Looking for the right farmer(s) to help regenerate the land, plant Miyawaki Forests and to use permaculture principles in growing food for pollinators, microbes and people. In exchange for labour will offer a 4 bedroom/1 bath house at a reduced rate of $1800.00/month plus utilities. Contact Shelly,  candelshelly@gmail.com, 647 402-0133.

Growing Space Available in Mansfield

Business opportunity at Mansfield – Rental of 3 acres as part of a 100 acre farm plus three small greenhouses. Housing (bedroom and bathroom, commercial kitchen/living room) can be rented in a separate building. We follow ‘The Market Gardener’ which is intensive and organic. Use of tools and farm machines is included. Contact joanvanduzer@mac.com

Other Opportunities


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