Soil Health Program

Healthy soil is the basis for both sustainable farms and healthy ecosystems. Yet the majority of Ontario’s farms are losing soil organic matter, are at risk of erosion, and have low or very low year-round soil cover.

EFAO’s Soil Health Program will give farmers the tools and ideas they need to implement ¬†practices to improve the health of their soils through knowledge-sharing with other farmers. Even more, investing in soil health can really pay off for farmers over time – by making farms more resilient to climate change, improving yields and profitability, reducing soil inputs, improving nutrient density of crops, and increasing water retention and release. ¬†


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What’s Involved?

Participation in EFAO’s Soil Health Program will involve a series of workshops, webinars, farm tours, and one-on-one advisory consultations designed to give practical, comprehensive information about practices that improve and restore soil health. Eligible farmers will also have the opportunity to have their soil organic matter tested and participate in a soil health benchmarking study. All programming will be comprehensive and holistic, focusing not on a single BMP or management strategy but rather a suite of solutions that incorporate the whole farm.

When does it Start?

EFAO’s Soil Health Program is set to launch at the annual EFAO Winter Workshop Series on January 25th in Guelph, with an intensive workshop on the Advanced Principles of Soil Health. Farmers interested in participating in the Soil Health Program are encouraged to attend this workshop, but it is not mandatory.¬†


This project was funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of the Partnership in Ontario.