Past Events


Here are some recent field days, farm tours, webinars, workshops & courses EFAO has hosted in the past. See what’s coming up here!

Petal Path: Ecological Flower Farm Tour

Cover Crop Innovations in Field Crops

Farmer Tune-up

Heritage Pastured Pigs

Low-Till Vegetable Management Systems and Participatory Variety Trials

Introduction to Farmer-led Research: Turning questions into practical trials

Exploring the Soil Carbon Sponge with Walter Jehne

Past, Present and Future Relationships between First Nations and Non-aboriginal Peoples

Ecological Cut Flower Production: Challenges and Opportunities

Building Orchard Soils with Biochar and Soil Health Management Tools

Sprouts, Microgreens and Indoor Growing

What’s in a Number? Statistics for Farmers

Beyond Food: Agri-tourism and non-food income sources for your farm

Orchard Walk & Natural Mulch in Orchards

Using the Lean System to Earn a Comfortable Living on a Small Farm

Floralora Flowers Tour

Pasture Walk & Ultra High-intensity Grazing

Ontario Variety Showcase & Participatory Plant Breeding with Michael Mazourek

Diversified Grain Farming

Tour: Heartwood Farm and Cidery

The Biology of Soil Health

Understanding Soil Tests

Green Mulch Experiments in Garlic

Greenhouse Management

Value-added Orchard Production

The Artisanal Chicken Program

Sourdough Basics

Identifying and Coping with Garden Pests

On-farm Plant Breeding: Developing New Varieties in your Market Garden

Ecological Farmer FreeSchool

Farm Succession Planning

Tips for your First Year Farming

Maintaining Your Gasoline Engines

Grafting Apple Trees

Honey Wagon Farms Tour

Growing Heritage Grains and Developing New Grain Varieties

Ontario Seed Variety Garden Showcase and Tasting

Alternatives to Plastic Mulch

Lean Farm Book Discussion

Tax Tips for Farmers

Biological Pest Control at Burt’s Greenhouse

Social Media for Farmers

Integrating Seed Production into Market Garden Operations

Keeping a Family Cow: Tricks and Challenges

No-tll Strategies for Spring Cereals, Winter Grains and Squash

Spring Pruning

Developing New Varieties for Organic Market Gardens

Pasture Management for Mixed Livestock

Fall Farmer Health Day

Best Practices for Seed Harvesting and Cleaning

Seed Production in Market Garden Operations

Tour: Grimo Nut Nursery

Pathways to Carbon Farming in Eastern Canada: Strategies, Systems and Crops for Agricultural Carbon Sequestration

Calf Herd Health

Film Screening: To Make a Farm

Strategies for Soil and Crop Health for Market Gardens