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Farmer-Led Research

EFAO’s Farmer-Led Research Program helps farmers combine their curiosity with scientific rigour to answer their most challenging on-farm questions. Learn more >


New Farmer Programs

EFAO’s New Farmer Programs offer training, mentorship and support to new and aspiring farmers in Ontario. Learn more >



Northern Program

EFAO’s Northern Program offers farmer-to-farmer training and community building specific to the north. Learn more >


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Seed Security

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security in Ontario is focused on advancing on-farm seed production by facilitating participatory and on-farm research opportunities. Learn more >

Brown, dry mature wheat seed heads in a field

Small Grains Program

EFAO’s pilot Small Grains Program supports farmers wanting to diversify their crop rotation by adding a small grain followed by a legume cover crop or forage crop. Learn more >

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Soil Health Benchmark Study

EFAO’s Soil Health Benchmark Study enables farmers to comprehensively assess the health of their soils. Learn more >