In recent months, EFAO joined Farmers for Climate Solutions, a first-of-its-kind farmer-led coalition to make agriculture part of Canada’s climate solution. Together we are working to create policy change to enhance climate resilience, mitigate agricultural emissions, and improve farmers’ livelihoods. 

The coalition launched in February 2020, and then COVID-19 hit, layering additional and unexpected challenges on farmers. Agriculture needs a COVID-19 recovery plan. And we believe this plan should also address climate change and support farmers’ livelihoods.


Advocating for a climate-friendly COVID-19 recovery in agriculture

On August 19, 2020, Farmers for Climate Solutions released a report with five recommendations for the federal government to help farmers cope with the twin challenges of COVID-19 and accelerating climate change, without worsening farm debt. These are: 

  1. Help farms become green energy powerhouses.
  2. Provide incentives for climate-friendly farming.
  3. Help innovative farmers act as mentors.
  4. Reward farmers who reduce their climate risk.
  5. Support new and young farmers.

Farmers for Climate Solutions representatives have started discussing these recommendations with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as well as with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Heritage and Infrastructure Canada the offices responsible for the Green Recovery to COVID-19 in Canada.

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to meet with decision-makers and engage with farmers and advocates to ensure agriculture is seen as fundamental in Canada’s recovery from COVID-19, and that all recovery measures improve climate resilience.


You can help!

Show your support for Farmers for Climate Solutions by signing the pledge for farmers or the pledge for non-farmers on our website. Let’s show decision-makers the size of our movement!

You can also help by following Farmers for Climate Solutions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sharing our posts with your networks. 

If you’d like to share your climate change stories with the coalition, or your ideas to help advance our policy objectives, contact Karen Ross, Director, at