In April 2022, EFAO held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to assess the progress and accomplishments that occurred in 2021, and elect new board members for 2022.


As part of the AGM, EFAO also released its 2021 Annual Report, highlighting some of the projects and activities the EFAO staff have been occupied with in 2021. It was a wonderful opportunity to review EFAO’s work and achievements, and celebrate member engagement and leadership in the organizations’ various initiatives over the past year.


Highlights from the past year include:

  • 245 new members joined EFAO!
  • 2113 people attended 113 events, mostly online.
  • 463 participants attended EFAO’s 8th Annual Conference, making it the best attended EFAO conference to date.
  • 33 farmers participated in 29 on-farm research trials, with lots of interest in variety trials and reduced-tillage vegetables trials.
  • 195 participants joined EFAO’s Small Grains Network.


We are thrilled to welcome five new members to EFAO’s Board of Directors: Denise Miller, Celeste Lopreiato, Anan Lololi, Annette Peltier-Flamand, and Jennifer Forde. A big thank you to Crista Thor and Annie Richard for all their contributions as board members over the past several years.  You can find out more about the newest EFAO board members on our team page.