EFAO Seed Mentorship Program

In 2023, EFAO is looking to link two new seed growers with experienced seed grower mentors in Ontario. Through phone, email, and in-person correspondence, mentors will help guide new seed growers through the season, sharing their experience and insight. This program will focus on seed production for annual and biennial vegetable crops.


This program aims to:

  • Introduce new farmers and seed growers to basic vegetable seed growing concepts
  • Offer guidance to new seed growers as they plan & manage their vegetable seed crops
  • Offer in-field experience handling crops allocated for seed production
  • Offer advice on growing, harvesting, & processing seeds for sale, trade, & personal use
  • Build confidence in new seed growers
  • Strengthen our regions network of seed growers, mentors, and ecological growers
  • Connect new seed growers and mentees with each other and other growers throughout Ontario
  • Identify and engage experienced and new seed growers throughout Ontario
  • Upon project completion, the mentor will receive an $750 remuneration for sharing their skills and time
  • Mentors or mentees will also be compensated for mileage ($0.61/km) for one trip to the other’s seed growing space.


The mentorship will begin in April and continue to the end of the season or into the winter, taking the mentee from seed to seed along the way. Mentees will receive approximately 25-30 hours or more of support from mentors.

The EFAO Seed Program Manager will correspond with mentors and mentees throughout the season with program updates and to provide logistical support.


Application Deadline: The application deadline is March 21st, 2023.


Selected mentees and mentors will be informed of their acceptance into the program in early April at which time program coordinators will connect the matched mentorship pairs.

Space in this program is limited. In 2023, we have funding for 2 pairs of mentors and mentees, with the hope of increasing capacity in future years. 

For more information on this program please contact Rebecca at rebecca@efao.ca.