Does planting timing of green mulches affect yield of garlic and labour?

Farmer: Eric Barnhorst

Farm: Eva Mae Farm

Region: East

Publish Date: February 6, 2018

Article Type: Research Report

Research Priorities: Cover Crops 

This project compared yield and labour for garlic planted into established oats, garlic and oats planted together, and garlic without a cover crop. Key Findings: Garlic survival and proportion of medium garlic was highest when garlic was planted with oats or into bare soil (control); and lowest when garlic was planted into an established oat cover crop. Garlic planted into an established cover crop required more planting labour and delayed emergence. Delayed emergence, in turn, delayed weeding and allowed perennial species to establish. Eric won’t use the oat treatments as tested again; but seeing the biomass of the early oat planting has motivated him to tweak the system to make it work.

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