Do organic sprays differ in their efficacy against disease in black walnut?

Farmer: Joseph Imre and Jazmin Bansagi

Farm: Seven Fields Farm and Orchard

Region: East

Publish Date: February 6, 2018

Article Type: Research Project

Research Priorities: Disease & Pest Control 

Joseph and Jazmin compared organic sprays for managing disease in their young orchard, with the goal of discovering the best organic approach to care for their black walnuts.

Key Findings

  • Disease and insect pressure was low on the young trees measured this year.
  • While there was no statistical difference between the two treatments (neem oil vs copper and biological insecticide). They will continue measurements for a second year.
  • The most significant indicator of fungal infection is early defoliation in the fall. Therefore, observations next year at the end of the season could strengthen their overall conclusions.