Agroecology in Canada: Towards an Integration of Agroecological Practice, Movement, and Science



Region: Ontario

Publish Date: September 15, 2018

Article Type: Manuscripts

Research Priorities: Community 


This article surveys the current state of agroecology in Canada, giving particular attention to agroecological practices, the related social movements, and the achievements of agroecological science. In each of these realms, we find that agroecology emerges as a response to the various social and ecological problems associated with the prevailing industrial model of agricultural production that has long been promoted in the country under settler colonialism. Although the prevalence and prominence of agroecology is growing in Canada, its presence is still small and the support for its development is limited. We provide recommendations to achieve a more meaningful integration of agroecology in Canadian food policy and practice.


  • agricultural policy; agroecology; Canada; food movements; on-farm practices