Research Reports 2021

Learn about this year’s innovations in ecological agriculture.

Read full research reports and listen to audio summaries of trials completed by member-farmers in cooperation with EFAO’s Farmer-Led Research Program.


Disease & pest control

Disease and Pest Management

Using biochar as an amendment for engineered green roof soil blend

Ines Lacarne, Michelle Dang, and Sharene ShafieThe X Urban Farm

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Does intercropping with onions improve overall yield for cauliflower?

Kristine Hammel, Persephone Market Garden

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Microclimates for summer lettuce

Luke Sheldrick & Dana Moores, Terramor Farm 

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Seed production & breeding

Seed Production, Varietal Selection and Breeding

Organic field corn variety screening trial

Michael OeggerliHeidi Farms Inc.

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Oat variety trial in eastern Ontario

Norm Lamothe, Woodleigh Farms Ltd.

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Quinoa variety screening trial

Dean Orr, Mill Valley Farm

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Summer green head lettuce variety trial

Angie Koch, Fertile Ground Farm; Ann Slater, Ann Slater Organics; Hilary Moore, Maplelane Farm;,Martina Schaefer, Spiral Farm; Roger Thiessen & Romina Bortoluzzi, Our Fields Farm; Roger Rivest, Nature Lane Farms; Sarah Judd, Meadow Lynn Market Garden 

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Spinach variety trial for northwestern Ontario seed production

Evalisa McIllfaterickRoot Cellar Gardens; Janna van Blyderveen & Jordan LeesRoots to Harvest

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Isolation distance for cut flower seed production

Kim DelaneyHawthorn Farm Organic Seeds

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Soil Health

Soil Health

No-till broccoli with landscape fabric in northern Ontario

Ryan Spence and Isabelle Spence-LegaultField Good Farms/Ferme j’me champ bien

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No-till sunflowers in northern Ontario

Becky Porlier, The Colour Farm

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Shallow vs deep tillage in permanent beds for onions

Jeff Boesch, Cedar Down Farm

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