Member Networks

EFAO Member Networks are managed email lists that allow members to communicate and connect directly with one another via email. As an EFAO member, you are invited to share information and ask questions relevant to other members. Please start conversations on topics that are of interest to you!

News & Opportunities

A space for sharing announcements about events, campaigns, opportunities, and jobs with the rest of the EFAO membership.


A mailing list for discussions, announcements, and information related to growing vegetables, fruit and flowers in Ontario.


A mailing list for all those interested in discussions, announcement, and information related to raising livestock ecologically in Ontario.

Field Crops

A mailing list for conversations, announcements, and information about growing field crops ecologically in Ontario.

EFAO Member Networks Community Guidelines


EFAO Member Networks are intended to encourage a learning-oriented knowledge-sharing community. We ask that members make an effort to be kind, patient, respectful, open, curious, and inclusive, and help keep the community safe and supportive for all members.


To that end, members are asked to:

  • Refrain from sharing explicit, adult, violent or hateful content, or information about illegal activity.
  • Keep content relevant to the subject of the member network.
  • Be civil: personal attacks or disparaging remarks or gossip about individuals or organizations will be removed. 
  • Be respectful of different viewpoints and beliefs, even if they do not align with your own.
  • Do no harm: any activity that has a clear intent to harm will be removed.
  • Limit posts promoting for-profit activities or events to a reasonable volume (no more than one per day), and ensure that the content of any advertising is relevant to the network subject matter. 
  • Please avoid making duplicate posts in multiple networks.
  • Keep in mind that these networks are monitored during business hours only. If you see something posted in the member networks that is hateful or harmful, please do not respond. Report your concerns to the group moderator immediately, and allow time for EFAO staff to respond during working hours.

Any posts that violate these guidelines may be removed. Members who repeatedly post content that violates these guidelines may also be subject to removal from the Member Network[s].