Build a foundation to start a successful farm enterprise!


This program will not only provide you with critical information to start your farm, but you will meet other new and experienced farmers and become a part of the ecological agricultural community in Ontario. Educational content is geared toward new farmers, but is open to all farmers who might be curious about a certain topic, wishing to expand their farming knowledge, or in need of a refresh.


Because of the current health and safety protocols in effect, this program will take place online through webinars and virtual field days. 



Term 1 focuses on establishing a foundation of knowledge and language for basic farm work.


Register for the whole term, or choose individual sessions. Term 1 includes 7 Webinars and 2 Virtual Meet-ups.


Term 1 events include:


Virtual Meet-up Full term participant meet-up, April 19th

Webinar: Introduction to Organic Growing, April 21st

Webinar: Botany for Farmers and Gardeners, April 21st

Webinar: The Language of Ecological Agriculture, Parts 1 & 2, April 23rd

Webinar: Identifying and Controlling Pests and Diseases, Aril 26th

Webinar: Farm Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities, April 26th

Webinar: Introduction to Indoor Growing, April 28th

Webinar: Introduction fo Soil Health, April 28th

Virtual Meet-up Full term participant debrief meet up, April 28th



Term 2 focuses on applying farm language and knowledge.


Register for the whole term, or sign up for individual sessions. Term 2 includes 10 webinars, 9 virtual field days, and 2 full term participant meet-ups.

Term 2 events include:


May 3rd: Full term participant Virtual Meet-Up, 7-8pm


May 5th: Virtual field Day: Three Forks Farms, 2:30-3:20pm 


May 10th: Field and Bed Preparation, 2:30-4pm


May 12th: Weed Management, 2:30-4pm


May 17th: Irrigation Basics, 2:30-4pm


May 19th: Harvest and Post-Harvest Principles, 2:30-4pm


June 2nd: Running a Full-Season CSA with Cedar Down Farm, 2:30-3:30pm


June 7th: Making Great Compost, 2:30-4pm


June 9th: Virtual Field Day TBA, 2:30-3:30pm


June 14th: Greenhouse Seeding, 2:30-4pm


June 16th: Virtual Field Day TBA, 2:30-3:30


June 21st: Cover Crops and Green Manures, 2:30-4pm


June 23rd: Rooftop Farming at Ryerson Urban Farm, 2:30-3:30pm


July 12th: Keeping Sheep on an Organic Vegetable Farm, 2:30-4pm


July 14th: Large-scale Organic Vegetables with Cookstown Greens, 2:30-3:30pm


July 19th: Farmer Reset, 2:30-4pm


July 21st: Raining Gold Farm, 2:30-3:30pm


July 26th: Beyond Land Acknowledgements, 2:30-4pm


July 28th: Nourishing a Reciprocal Relationship with the Land, 2:30-4pm, and Full term participant debrief virtual meet-up, 7-8pm



Check back for details about Terms 3-4!



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