EFAO’s Community Agreements

When we gather for farmer-led education, research and community building, we create a culture together that is alive and dynamic. At all EFAO events we strive to work together to cultivate a learning-oriented community and culture that is kind, patient, respectful, open, curious, and inclusive.

EFAO’s Community Agreements provide ways to put these values into practice and support each other through challenges or conflict, to create greater resilience and connection. We invite you to read and reflect on EFAO’s community agreements, which offer guiding principles for how we come together as a community.

Please reach out to events@efao.ca with any questions or feedback. We value your input!

Community Agreements

Be curious, open and respectful.

We are always learning and growing. Listen with an open mind, give the benefit of the doubt, ask for more information rather than making assumptions.

We do our best.

Mistakes are okay! Acknowledge, apologize, and keep learning. Ask for / offer help wherever you can.


What’s learned here leaves here, what’s shared here stays here.

We take care of ourselves.

Stretch, eat, drink, use restroom, rest, etc. when you need to.

Avoid excessive jargon, acronyms, and industry language.

Use inclusive language that is accessible for people with varying inside knowledge.

Navigating impact vs intent.

Sometimes we cause harm without intending to. A simple apology can show care for harmful impact despite our good intentions.

We speak from our own experience.

Use “I” statements and avoid offering unsolicited advice. Avoid analyzing or comparing others’ experiences.

No one knows everything.

Together we know a lot.

Take space / make space.

If you are usually quiet, challenge yourself to take more space. If you usually talk a lot, be mindful to leave room for quieter voices.

With gratitude to the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group which provided a great deal of inspiration for these Community Agreements.