BIPOC Farmer Network

In an effort to support solidarity and connection among farmers in Ontario who continue to face systemic marginalization as a result of their race or ethnic identity, EFAO established the BIPOC Farmer Network in early 2021. The network is facilitated through Google Groups, and access to the network is limited to farmers and aspiring farmers of colour in Ontario.


  • This group is made up of BIPOC-only community members (farmers, aspiring farmers, those engaged in food/farming-related work) from across Ontario
  • Facilitated by Angel Beyde, EFAO’s Anti-Racism and Equity Consultant
  • As of July 2021, there are 66 members in this group! 😀


  • Please feel free to use this google group platform to connect and communicate with the BIPOC community! Say hello, share news and updates, post questions to the thread, reach out for support.
  • EFAO news and communications for BIPOCs only will also be shared here.


  • BIPOC-only network meet-ups occur throughout the year.  There is no regular schedule yet, but meet-ups are announced via this google group thread and other EFAO communication channels. You can register on the EFAO events page.


  • Currently (Sept 2021), meet-ups are online only via zoom.  In future we hope be able to host some in-person gatherings.


  • To connect, build, and grow the BIPOC food and farming community; to support one another in our work and projects; to connect the BIPOC community with EFAO and its work that focuses on farmer-to-farmer training and supports; to increase BIPOC representation and agency within EFAO’s membership.


  1. Click on the JOIN button below, and from the EFAO BIPOC Farmers Google Group page, click on Ask to Join Group.
  2. Once you’ve been approved to join, please provide a short introduction about yourself and why you want to join the group!
  3. Feel free to post a general hello message to the thread, introducing yourself to the group, if you feel comfortable doing so.
  4. If you are receiving too many emails, you can change your group membership settings so that you receive a daily digest of emails. See this page for instructions.


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