Advisory Service

EFAO’s Advisory Service connects member-farmers who have specific on-farm questions with experienced farmers who are willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Consultations are available to all EFAO members.

How it works

How do I request a consultation?

You can submit a request online or over the phone at (519) 822-8606. We will do our best to ensure you receive a reply within a week, depending on the time of year and the nature of your request. 

Please note that in the lead up to the 7th Annual EFAO Conference, any Advisory Service requests made between November 9 and December 7, 2020 might have a delay in response.

What does a consultation cost?*

* All rates are subsidized by EFAO

Don’t forget! The online Community Forum is another great place to ask questions.  It is free and available to all.


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