Kitchen Table Meetings

We are looking forward to more fun filled KTMs in 2016 – contact if you would like to host one!

2016 Kitchen Table Meetings
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Monday February 15th: Small-scale vegetable growers idea exchange, Tilbury

Tuesday February 23rd: Garlic & Tomato, Terra Verde Homestead, Conn

Saturday March 12th: Flower Growing Plans for 2016, Garden Party, St. Agatha

Tuesday March 15th: Keeping a Balance, Meeting Place Farm, Lucknow

Sunday March 15th: Vegetable Varietal Performance Evaluation Exchange, Ayton

Tuesday March 22nd: Incorporating Permaculture into your Farm Design, Manorun Farm, Hamilton

Saturday March 26th: Fruit Tree Pruning, Drumlin Farm, Puslinch

Past Kitchen Table Meetings

2015 Kitchen Table Meetings

  • CSA Idea Exchange – Drumlin Farm, Puslinch, ON
  •  Forestry – Arbor North, Proton Station, ON
  • How to plan your vegetable garden- Tilbury, On
  •  Chainsaw Safety & Care – Kolapore Gardens, Clarksburg

2014 Kitchen Table Meetings 

  • Family Discussion and Potluck – Cedar Down Farm, Neustadt, ON 
  • Eastern Ontario Cattle Grazers Review of the 2013 Season –  Ashton Glen Farm,  Ashton ON
  • Home Brewing & Pizza Making with Spent Brewers Grains  – Dornoch Hops, Durham, ON 
  • Grow it- Mill it- Bake it- Eat it: Small Scale Grain Milling & Bread Baking – Orchard Hill Farm St. Thomas ON
  • Seedling Growing – Trout Lily Nursery, Guelph/Eramosa Township
  • Windsor-Essex Chatham-Kent- Farmer Meet & Greet –  Locally Germinated.  Tilbury, ON
  • Bokashi Composting  – Utopia, ON
  • Rural Homesteading KTM – Better Together Farm, Chatsworth, ON
  • Oil Pressing KTM – Port Burwell ON 

2013 Kitchen Table Meetings

  • Sustainable Forestry Arthur Shannon, Arbor North: Forest Management with Horses
  • Maple Syrup Production Terry and Diane Hoover, Hoover’s Maple Syrup
  • Moveable Greenhouses Leslie Moskovits & Jeff Boesch, Cedar Down Farm
  • Draft Horse Power Ken & Martha Laing, Orchard Hill Farm
  • Maple Syrup – Running, Tubing, and Tapping  John Williams, PineHouse Farms
  • Holistic Livestock Health Val Stienmann, Heartwood Farm
  • Winter Orchard Care Brent Klassen and the PatchGuild, Heartwood Farm

Do you have an idea of something you would like to host or a topic you might like to discuss contact the EFAO office.

Ecological Farmers Kitchen Table Meeting Protocol available online here!