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Ecological Farming FreeSchool

Saturday March 24, 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: West Flamborough Presbyterian Church, 262 Middletown Rd, Flamborough, Ont.

City/Town: Flamborough

Member Prices:
Individual - 1 Individual(s) - $10.00

Non-Member Prices:
Individual - 1 Individual(s) - $20.00

2 pay-what-you-can places available. Please contact admin@efao.ca.

EFAO and NFU Local 351 are offering an innovative learning experience.

The Ecological Farming FreeSchool provides participants an opportunity to gather and share knowledge in the tradition of grassroots, sustainable farming organizations. The Ecological Farming FreeSchool  is a series of short workshops, honouring the tradition of farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange, skill sharing and education. Some topics will be coordinated and announced in advance while others will be created on the spot, drawing from the skills and expertise of those attending.

Come with ideas of what you could teach and what you would like to learn as an ecological farmer. If a topic that you are interested in isn’t offered, just ask for it on the spot! Our experience has been that there is likely someone in the room with a similar interest or expertise to share.  This is a chance to celebrate and share the incredible wealth of knowledge within the community while forging stronger connections and most importantly, having fun!

What will you gain from the FreeSchool experience?

  •    A broad sense of the knowledge and capacity of our ecological farming community.
  •    Stronger connection with EFAO and NFU Local’s community.
  •    Inspiration to meet the challenges this season and beyond
  •    Skills and confidence to try new things
  •   Specific information on a topic that really interests you

What’s different about the FreeSchool format?

  •      The day will be creative, adaptive and intuitive.
  •      Topics and agenda designed by those who attend, so there are always surprises
  •      Lots of opportunity to connect with fellow teachers and learners
  •      Community building, celebration and fellowship are part of the experience!

What kind of topics might be offered at the Ecological Farming FreeSchool?

  •     Compost tea - recipes, brewing and application
  •     Non-violent communication
  •     Fermenting foods
  •     Canning and preserving
  •     Civil disobedience 101
  •     Crop variety selection - the best, the not so best
  •     Farmer cooperatives
  •     Buying a farm
  •     Making Mozzarella
  •     Swede Midge Strategies - or any other specific pest
  •     Work songs
  •     What would a Farmers’ Seed Act look like?
  •     Using social media to build support for issues important to ecological farmers
  •    Cover crops: trials, errors, and keys to success-
  •    Using a refractometer and brix readings to grow high quality crops  Crop Monitoring Techniques
  •    GPS applications
  •    Low overhead, alternative energy
  •    Ration formulation
  •    Livestock first aid -
  •    Carbon farming
  •    ALUS (alternative land use services)
  •    Song circle

Doors open at 9:30am - we'll get started at 10am.

Event is child-friendly (no additional charge for children, childcare will not be provided.)

A hearty soup and hot beverages will be provided. Please bring a potluck contribution to add to the farmers’ lunch.

Please submit your ideas in advance if you can to Jessica Gale, jessicamartingale@gmail.com. Also any questions about the event in general can be addressed to this email.

KTM: Keeping a Family Cow: Tricks and Challenges

Sunday April 8, 2018

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Online

City/Town: Anywhere

Member Prices:
Individual - 1 Individual(s) - $0.00

Non-Member Prices:
Individual - 1 Individual(s) - $10.00

Home dairy production is rewarding but a big challenge is the uniqueness of every farm's routine and set-up. Join us for a virtual KTM to share something that works well for you, your favourite home dairy recipe and a challenge where you could use some help/advice. We will be streaming, so bring a photo of your dairy cow(s)!
Meeting will be held via Zoom online video platform. Instructions on how to join will be sent to the group in the days before the KTM.