Learn about interplanting and paper planters at upcoming field day

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The farmer-led research field days have been off to a great start, coming up next we’ll be visiting Ryan Thiessen at Creek Shore Farms in St. Catharines.  Ryan has been using a paper-pot transplanter and wanted to try planting some crops at a foot spacing, but the largest paper-pots are six inch spacing… so he got creative!  He’s trying out inter-planting onions in his brassicas to see if that will help limit moth pressure on the brassicas, and to see if the onions will still get enough light tucked in between his broccoli.  Come on out to see his farm and his experimental plots on the afternoon of Monday August 7th. For more info and to register check out https://efao.ca/upcoming-events/.


Here’s a video on the paper planter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMSpN0E8_H8