EFAO in the News


EFAO granted inaugural Excellence in Agriculture Award, June


A Farmer-to-Farmer Approach to Soil Health, Agricultural Adaptation Council, November

Local Pepper Varieties Taking Shape in Ontario, The Canadian Organic Grower, April

How to reduce poverty and re-connect people to nature, The Conversation, March


County farm part of Grow Grant, County Weekly News, July 13

Ecological Farming: Young farmer coordinates research studies, Wellington Times, July 12

Eight farmers receive funding for doing their own research, Ontario Farmer, July 11 (correction: make that 13!)

Cultivating a Culture of Curiosity: Farmer-led Research in Ontario, Union Farmer Quarterly/Summer

EFAO Recognizes Grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation for Farmer-led Research, Media Release, June 26

Farmers share crop research on informal network, Ontario Morning with Wei Chen, CBC Radio, March 20

Link to full podcast here, or play clip of the EFAO below.

New farmer-led research program harvests new knowledge in Ontario, New Hamburg Independent, March 7

Pasture pigs bring home the bacon, The Western Producer, Feb 23


Grant furthers ecological farming research, OberverXtra, August 25

Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario launches new farm trial program, Better Farming, May 12