Farmer-Led Research Data Links

Instructions for farmer-researchers:

Click on your name, listed alphabetically, to expand for links to your protocols, data collection sheets (where applicable) and data entry sheets.

Eric BARNHORST - Regeneration of fallow fields
Kim DELANEY - Isolation distance for cut flowers
Kate GARVEY, Erin RICHAN and Shelley SPRUIT - Sweet potato variety trial

Protocol >

Data collection sheet >

Data entry sheet >

Kate GARVEY, Manish KUSHWAHA, Jessica GALE - Sweet potato breeding

Protocol >

Data collection sheet >

Data entry form >

Derick GREENLY - Nutrient application methods for trees and woody shrubs
Kevin HAMILTON - Soil and foliar amendments for storability of kale
Jason HAYES and Kristine HAMMEL - Mulches for direct seeding
Jonathan HARRIS - Weeding with Tertill robots vs by hand
Matt JONES - Mulches for no-till tomatoes
Nathan KLASSEN - Seedless English cucumbers
Nathan and Victor KLASSEN - Rootstock performance for grafted tomatoes
Ken LAING - Amendments to hasten emergence of no-till planted spring cereals
Becky PORLIER - No-till Sunflowers in the northern Ontario
Brittany RANTALA-SYKES and Ivan VINCENT - Methods for sterilization for mushroom production
Annie RICHARD, Kim DELANEY, Greta KRYGER - Southern Ontario Pepper Breeding Project
Ryan SPENCE and Isabelle SPENCE- LEGAULT - No-till fall brassicas in northern Ontario


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